Nagpur Sharirik Shikshan Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur

( Affilated to Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University & Recognised by U.G.C & NCTE )

*Note: The column in respect of which there is no information to furnish or which is not applicable enter NIL or 0 for numeric field.

Seperate Campus for teacher education institute/course(s)
Total area(sq.mts.):
Nature of land holding:
Campus shared with other courses
Area of land earmarked for teacher education institution/ course (s) (sq. mts)
(1) By resolution of managing committee
(2) By registration in the name off teacher education institution
Its own campus   Rented Building   Leased Land / Building
Own Campus
(1) Built-up area for teacher education institute/ course(s)(sq.mts.): 4683.201
(2) Khasra No / Plot No. / Survey No: Plot No. 126/1,2,3
(3) Revenue Village of the land: Jamtha Khasarmari Wardha Road
(4) Whether land is free from all encumbrances yes
(5) Construction of the building completed on(DD/MM/YYYY) 23/10/2001

Area of reading roomarea (sq.mts.): 1260
Total seating capacity 60
Total number of titles of teacher education 10
Total number of books of teacher education 4495
Total number journals 15
No of encyclopedias available in the library 5
No. of Books added in last quarter 170

Educational Technology
(Area of lab in sq.mts) 748
Total number of computers 13
Internet Access Yes
Local area network(LAN) Yes
Availability of LCD projector Yes
Availability of OHP yes
Availability of TV yes
Availability of VCR/ DVD yes

Instructional Resources for B.P.Ed / M.P.Ed. courses*
Anatomy, Physiology and Health Education laboratory*
Name of Equipment/Apparatus Body Fat Analyzer Motorised Treadmill Electronic Bicycle Ergometer Spirometer (WET) Spirometer (DRY) Peak Flow Meter Glucometer Pulse Oximeter Pedometer Human Body System Charts Articulated Skeleton Disarticulated Skeleton BP Apparatus manual Sphygmomanometer Electronic BP Apparatus Electronic Stop Watch Thermometer Electronic Thermometer Haemometer Charts depicting various procedure for using various equipment’s and tests. Swiss Ball Diagnostic Table Belt Vibrator Sterilizing Unit First Box Ice Box
Sports Biomechanics, Test and Measurement and Physiotherapy Laboratory *
Name of Equipment/Apparatus Ultra Sound Apparatus Infra-Red Lamp Short Wave Diathermy Grip Dynamometer Leg and Back Dynamometer Harvard Step Test Bench Nelson Hand Reaction Scale Reaction Time Apparatus Metronorm Flexometer Stablimeter Chest Depth Caliper Shoulder Width Caliper Vernier Caliper Electronic Stop Watch Room Thermometer Monitor Postural Stand Electronic Weighing Machine Manual Weighing Machine Gulick Tape Four in One ExerciserShuttle run Wooden Blocks Measuring tape First Aid Box Nutrition Chart Anthropometric Kit Flexometer Aesthesiometer Caliper (Varnier type) Two points Height Stand Eye Testing Chart Massage Table
Sports Psychology Laboratory*
Name of Equipment/Apparatus/Questionnaire Depth Perception Apparatus Kinesthesio Meter Ergo graph for measuring Physical Fatigue Normal Probability Curve Apparatus Mental Fatigue Test Test of Anxiety Motive Scale Social Motive Scale Attitude Scale (Revised) Economic Status Scale Self-Concept Questionnaire Personality Value Questionnaire Achievement Motive test Indian Modification of Thematic Appreciation Test Teaching Aptitude test Battery Developmental Screening Test Test of General Intelligent for College Students Matching Familiar Test
Computer Laboratory*
Name of Equipment/Apparatus Computers Laptop Over Head Projector LCD Projector Screen Public Address System Slide Projector Printed Transparencies Slides Tape Recorder V.C.R. Television Display Boards CD”S for teaching techniques of Games an Sports and Various Theoretical and Practical Subjects
Track, Equipment/Apparatus Long Jump Pit High jump Pit Javelin Throw Arena Shot-put/Hammer Throw Arena Discuss Throw Arena Discus (Men & Women) Shot (Men & Women) Javelin (Men & Women) Starting Block Take off Board Toe Board Relay Baton High Jump & Pole Vault uprights (Adjustable) Hurdles Measuring tape Electronic Stop Watch Clappers Official Stand Pole Vault Box Pole Vault Pole
Indigenous Sports
Name of the Equipment/Apparatus Indian Club, Lazium, Wands, Flags, Rings (Hoops), Dumbles, Torches, Band Set
Name of Games and Equipment Football Field Hockey Field Basketball Cement Court Volleyball Court Kabaddi Court Kho-Kho Court Handball Court Cricket Field Tennis Court Ball Badminton Court Malkhamb Table tennis Table Badminton Wooden Indoor Court Gymnastic Apparatus Wrestling Mat Referee Stand Measuring tape Electronic Stop Watch Basketball, Football and Goal Nets, Volleyball and Nets, Hockey sticks and Ball, Badminton racquets and Shuttle Cocks, Handball, Cricket Bats , balls and Protective Gears, Tennis rackets and Balls, Ball Badminton Rackets and balls.
Size allotted for Outdoor Sports (SqMtr.) 124070.83
Name of Indoor Games and Equipment Badminton Wooden Indoor Court Referee Stand, Badminton Pole and Net, Shuttle Cock Table Tennis Table Table Tennis Rackets and Ball Gymnastics Gymnastic Apparatus Judo Judo Mat Wrestling Wrestling Mat Yoga Yoga Mat
Multi-Station Gym 8 Station
Size allotted for Indoor Sports (SqMtr.) 82713.75

Whether seperate facility available for women -
For Men -
Area of gymnasium (sq.mts) -
Number of gymnasium(sq.mts) -
Number of stations -
For Women* -
Area of gymnasium (sq.mts) -
Number of stations -